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stunning 4 porcelain veneers available to patients in Sundridge South East London

ceramic, ceramic or porcelain dental veneers
Our dental clients include Stacey Solomon, Kirk Norcross and Una Foden (nee Heley). All our private clinic staff are patient-focused, super reliable and qualified and are commmitted to providing the very best ceramic, porcelain or Emax dental veneers.

Our experienced dental hygienist will smoothly make your teeth whitened and beautiful. We are committed to providing each and every one of our patients with a great smile. Free dental quotes..

See our latest smiles | "LCCD Dentists (BR1) is well know for good old-fashioned Customer Service"

For all 4 porcelain veneers enquiries, we have limited appointments available or Call or email on 020 7722 1235. Join over 1210 pleased customers who have had Durathin, immediate or Ultrathin dental veneers in the last year from around Sundridge.

We also offer 0% finance on composite, temporary or Lumineers dental veneers.

What wait!

are you searching Google to to arrange having veneers, right? Our dentists and dental specialists are on hand to explain any question you may have about thin porcelain veneers.


How long do temporary or immediate veneers take from start to finish?

Every case is different but as a guide, smile makeovers can take as little as two to three appointments close to Sundridge over a two week period. View before and after results.

However, if you have an event to attend, or need them earlier, we can liaise with our leading laboratory in New York to get your smile with us sooner.


Free hassle-free consultation

"Our aim is to get you the best quality general dentisty treatments for the lowest price." Dr Mervyn Druian provide cosmetic teeth straightening and Private Sedation. We offer the following treatments in BR1:
  • 4 porcelain veneers
  • teeth whitening veneers
  • top teeth veneers
  • tooth crowns


composite, composite or immediate dental veneers

leading and low-cost 4 porcelain veneers close to Sundridge Sundridge. Perhaps you have your overbite, your worn teeth or your misaligned teeth and need a quickest competitive solution.

Bothered by your cracked teeth or your under bite?

Perhaps you thinking about for a private cosmetic periodontist, then we can help. Enquire about our Emax, immediate or Lumineers dental veneers, Call 020 7722 1235. A dentist or hygienist is often on hand to elaborate on or explain any treatments. Book a free dental consultation today with Dr Mervyn Druian, he has 50 years experience.

Our dental patients come from all over South East London for our Lumineers, Ultrathin or Durathin dental veneers.

Remember we offer a free first consultation with no obligation to have the treatment. Special offers available. We also offer sensitive teeth whitening and teeth whitening solutions and cover Sundridge, Bromley amd Plaistow.

What do I do next?

Book an appointment to see Dr Mervyn Druian at LCCD. We have a a rapid appointment system . Alternatively if you would like more information then please click below.




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